Using Descriptive Analysis for “Improved Taste” Claims on Vitamins


Our client has moved their vitamin production. Based on the team tasting, the new flavors are considered an improvement from the original flavors. As such, the team would like to add a claim on the product to indicate that the taste has improved.


The study objective is to substantiate the following claim: “Improved Taste” or “New Improved Taste”, using prototypes with new flavors for all vitamins.

What We Did

We conducted Descriptive Analysis with our panel of sensory experts with data collecting using a t-test.

  • Samples were presented using sequential monadic design and blocked by flavor.
  • Panelists focused on flavor attributes, including acidity, tartness, and flavor character.

What We Learned

Here’s the visual representation of how the Peach vitamins compare to each other:

And, this is the Strawberry representation:

To view the PDF, click here.

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