Descriptive Analysis to Qualify Ingredient Suppliers

The Challenge

Our client would like to qualify gelatin from new suppliers but needs to be sure they can do so without changing the sensory profile of their bars. Additionally, the current gelatin source imparts a perceptible flavor in the finished product, which makes identifying a replacement source difficult.

The team is currently exploring several sources and blends in hopes of achieving a sensory profile as close to current as possible. The qualification will be made for a 50% replacement (Variant 1) and 100% replacement (Variant 2).


This study was conducted with our trained sensory panel. Samples were ranked in intensity for each attribute and scores were given on a numerical scale.

Mahalanobis Analysis was used to calculate the overall differences between the samples for the ranking test followed by an Analysis of Variance with LSD’s mean separation among attributes at 95% confidence level.

What We Learned

The Control Samples were similar in sensory profile with some differences noted in Nutty flavor, Metallic taste, Denseness, and Dry mouth.

The Variants were close to the Control ranges in flavor and texture attributes with differences found in malt flavor, nutty flavor, metallic taste, denseness, dry mouth and sweet aftertaste.

Both 50% and 100% replacements had minimal impact on the overall sensory profile and fell within the tested Control sensory variability.

The gelatin replacements did not change any key flavor notes or impart new flavor or off-notes. The noted differences are likely not noticeable to the consumer.

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