Shelf-life Testing & Descriptive Profiling for Nutritional Beverages


Our client wanted to measure sensory attributes for various time points for all flavors of their nutritional shake product line. They also wanted to develop a full descriptive profile for their Orange Pineapple nutritional shake.

Flavors Evaluated


We conducted the following tests and also created the lexicon for each of the flavors in the product line.

  • 30 Days: Formula 1 v. Formula 1x, ANOVA data collection
  • 60, 90, 120 Days: Formula 1x, Consensus data collection
  • 6 Months: Formula 1x, Consensus data collection
  • T-test data collection
Example Lexicon for Orange Pineapple Flavor

What We Did

We assessed Flavor, Aroma, Aftertaste, and Texture attributes at the 30-day and 6-month marks for each of the four flavors. Here’s an example of the aftertaste and texture attributes:

What We Learned

We identified how the sensory profiles changed over time for each of the flavors. Here’s an example of the Orange Pineapple flavor:

For common attributes, we determined that all products continue to deliver similarly for flavor, aroma intensity, aftertaste, and mouthfeel attributes.

For the complete PDF, click here.

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