Using Descriptive Analysis for a Full Production Rollout

Our client is launching a new grape-flavored chew. Concept test results show this idea has superstar potential, and this product might bring in new buyers to the brand.

Benchtop samples were developed and tested with consumers to identify if there were opportunities to optimize the product. Then, a batch of pilot plant trial samples was produced.

Usually, texture differences are observed in pilot plant samples when compared to benchtop samples, therefore our objective is to compare the sensory profile of the ‘benchtop’ samples with the ‘pilot plant trial’ samples and understand if there are differences and if any optimizations are needed.


We conducted Descriptive Analysis with our panel of sensory experts.

Data was collected using t-test. The t-test is a method that determines whether two populations are statistically different from each other.

Our lexicon training encompassed several attributes, such as aroma, texture in mouth, taste, flavor and aftertaste.

What We Learned

There are no differences detected between the Control – Benchtop and Test – Pilot samples. Here’s a typical chart we use to illustrate these findings:

For the PDF, click here.

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