In-Person versus Remote Sensory Research: Results Comparison for Pain Patches

Our client was interested in conducting a Pilot test for at-home application and 24-hour wear assessment of pain relieving patches before fully committing to at-home testing. Four of the six patches used in a Previous (on site) study were used in this Pilot test, so that results of the Pilot test could be compared to the Previous study.

Our objective was to compare the performance of patches applied and evaluated in the Pilot test (remote) for failure, adhesion, maceration, and
residue against the performance of the patches in the Previous
(on site) study.

What We Did

What We Learned

All measurements were comparable between the remote sensory research and the in-person sensory research findings:

  • time to failure
  • average wear time
  • maceration
  • adhesion side
  • adhesion tab
  • residue

Conclusions & Recommendations

We proceeded with the remote sensory research work and identified a critical success factor – training of panelists through small group sessions to ensure adherence to process and protocol.

Here is the complete case study.

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