Descriptive Analysis & Claims Research

Did you know that one key area for sensory research is around claims? Often, our clients utilize our research findings to be confident that they can make a particular claim in their marketing and packaging materials. This was the thinking in this case study with our client who manufactures throat lozenges.


Our client, a confectionery manufacturer, wanted to develop a milder version of their current product for consumers seeking low intensity lozenges. In addition, they wanted supportive data to make the “milder taste” claim on the product package.


We used Descriptive Analysis to evaluate 2 products — the original mint lozenge and the re-formulated mint lozenge. Our 12 panelists from a trained descriptive panel evaluated each of the lozenges in our Harrison, NY sensory booths. Training was held on key attribute intensities: Overall Total Impact, Overall Flavor, and Cooling. An Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) with Tukey’s means separation was used with 95% confidence level to understand attribute differences among samples.


Our findings indicated that our client could confidently claim that their new mint lozenge was milder in taste than the current product. Here’s an example of the data we provided:

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