May 13, 2019
by ISR

Sensory 101

We sometimes hear from our clients that they know they should “do sensory research,” but they are not quite sure how it fits or what it does. So for those of you who are also wondering about it, here’s our Sensory 101.

What it does

Sensory research identifies the unique & compelling characteristics of the product. It also ensures that those attributes remain consistent and continue to deliver against consumer expectations.

How it’s used

  • Provides objective, data-driven assessment products
  • Uncovers how the product’s attributes are perceived
  • Identifies how to optimize the product for the desired usage experience
  • Ensures consistency throughout ingredient or manufacturing changes
  • Benchmarks against the competitive set

February 1, 2019
by ISR

Capabilities in Less than 100 Words!

A quick reminder about our capabilities:

  • Sensory research – flexible sensory research leveraging our own expert panels
  • Client-site sensory services – we recruit, train and manage your sensory panel
  • Exceptional facilities – 23 product testing booths, 12 sink booths, commercial test kitchens and abundant product prep space.
  • Global solutions – through our network of validated partners, we can standardize your global sensory research and provide one cohesive sensory research report.

Contact us for a competitive bid on your next project!


November 18, 2018
by ISR

Does Green Really Clean?

We recently explored how gender and color impact product perceptions for laundry detergent.

Interestingly, we discovered that the main effect was scent-related but that there was a two-way interaction between gender and color.  Although women’s attitudes were not different from men’s for the clear or blue detergent, they were more negative than those of men for the green detergent.

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October 15, 2018
by ISR

Getting to our office from Manhattan

So many of our clients come up from Manhattan, we thought it made sense to quickly share how easy it is to get here from there!

From Grand Central Terminal in New York City: Take the New Haven Line to Mamaroneck Station.  This is about a 40-minute train ride. During peak hours, the train runs every 30 minutes.  Once at Mamaroneck Station, take a cab or Uber to our office. It is about a 6 min drive to our facility.

For detailed driving directions, visit our ISR Directions & Map page.

September 10, 2018
by ISR

Catch up with us at SSP 2018

Please catch up with us at SSP 2018 in a few weeks.  We’ll be at booth #3, co-exhibiting with our sister company, Blueberry.  You can also view our SSP poster presentation.

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June 3, 2018
by ISR

Our Corporate Ownership

We’re often asked about our corporate ownership and how we relate to Reckner and Blueberry.  Here’s a quick chart to illustrate what’s available through the Reckner family of companies:


November 27, 2017
by ISR

Sake Sensory Space Map

What kind of sensory scientists don’t appreciate a variety of flavors and textures?! And, what kind of researchers would we be if we didn’t appreciate a Sake Sensory Space Map?! 

Took this photo in a ramen shop! Had the Kirin and it was right on target- rich flavor, smooth- not sweet or dry!