October 15, 2018
by ISR

Getting to our office from Manhattan

So many of our clients come up from Manhattan, we thought it made sense to quickly share how easy it is to get here from there!

From Grand Central Terminal in New York City: Take the New Haven Line to Mamaroneck Station.  This is about a 40-minute train ride. During peak hours, the train runs every 30 minutes.  Once at Mamaroneck Station, take a cab or Uber to our office. It is about a 6 min drive to our facility.

For detailed driving directions, visit our ISR Directions & Map page.

September 10, 2018
by ISR

Catch up with us at SSP 2018

Please catch up with us at SSP 2018 in a few weeks.  We’ll be at booth #3, co-exhibiting with our sister company, Blueberry.  You can also view our SSP poster presentation.

Click below to enlarge.

June 3, 2018
by ISR

Our Corporate Ownership

We’re often asked about our corporate ownership and how we relate to Reckner and Blueberry.  Here’s a quick chart to illustrate what’s available through the Reckner family of companies:


November 27, 2017
by ISR

Sake Sensory Space Map

What kind of sensory scientists don’t appreciate a variety of flavors and textures?! And, what kind of researchers would we be if we didn’t appreciate a Sake Sensory Space Map?! 

Took this photo in a ramen shop! Had the Kirin and it was right on target- rich flavor, smooth- not sweet or dry!


September 27, 2017
by ISR

What can sensory do for apparel manufacturers?

I was recently asked this question at Pangborn. Several times!  Sensory research, it seems, is beginning to take hold in the apparel industry. Sensory research, however, is not new to apparel.  Several large athletic wear companies had have their own sensory research departments for many years.

So, how to use it?  There are two types of sensory tests which lend themselves to apparel research:  discrimination and descriptive testing.

In the non-finished good form (i.e. when changing fabrics), discrimination testing is useful because consumer respondents or discrimination panelists assess the differences between fabrics, comparing such qualities as softness, stretch, and perceived durability. Fabric swatches can be placed against the face, as well as touched by hand, to make these assessments.

In the finished good form (i.e., when launching a new product or changing an existing one), descriptive testing (often called “fingerprinting”) is used with a group of trained descriptive panelists for a detailed analysis of wearability, identifying key apparel strengths and limitations.

But, why use it?  Sensory testing is significantly more affordable and faster than consumer testing, making it appropriate for:

  • New product introductions
  • Smaller product lines
  • Product adjustments
  • Fabric changes
  • New supplier assessments

Pricing on our Flash Discrimination Testing starts at $3000.

For a case study on the usage of sensory research in the apparel industry, just contact us.

A touch of chill in the morning.  Creeping darkness in the early evening.  The smell of apple cinnamon at the grocery store.

It’s Fall!  (As if we wouldn’t know it, judging by the backpacks, pencils and notebooks many of us just had to purchase for back-to-school).

And so, sweaters donned, we feel compelled to share this Delish article on the pumpkin spice craze.


Pumpkin smoothie milk shake made with pumpkin puree and cream

The best of Fall: pumpkins, gourds and colorful mums

Pumpkin muffins

June 21, 2017
by ISR

Finger Foods for Dementia Patients

We couldn’t resist sharing this up and coming food fav.  From Philly.com, the latest trend in dementia dining is healthy finger food.   Watermark Retirement Communities (Tucson, AZ) has launched Thrive Dining, an approach created by two Atlanta chefs which grinds entrees and turns them into attractive food that residents can eat by hand.

This is the Thrive Dining version of beef Wellington. The meat is formed into cupcakes and topped with mashed potatoes.


Tasters at the Watermark could compare the original dishes (back row) with the finger-food versions (front). Left to right are French toast with sausage, beef Wellington and cheesesteak.

Fingers or forks, these options look delish and we’re looking forward to the food industry picking up on this trend! (Pun intended!)

June 7, 2017
by ISR

International Flavors Abound

At ISR, we are a bunch of international foodies!  We love to experiment in our kitchens, and we adore dining out and exploring new cuisines.  Here, some mouth-watering snaps of our favs:

Korean Bulgogi.  Viet Sandwiches.  Tongue Tacos.  Asian Pulled Pork.  Tapas (Spain).

For Little Fingers

May 17, 2017 by ISR | 0 comments

It’s the end of the school year and my children are as bored with their lunches as I am with making them. Here, some inspiring, day-brightening lunches-turned-dining-experience.

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