Located just outside New York City, we are nationally-recognized, full-service sensory research organization, providing sensory research solutions, sensory panel administration, and sensory testing facilities.

We are one of the most experienced scientific sensory research organizations in the nation with twenty years’ working with apparel, beauty, beverage, food, household care, and personal care manufacturers from across the United States and around the globe.

Our approach links established sensory and scientific methodologies with strict quality controls at the facility and panel level
to provide reliable research results for confident decision making.


We have worked in sensory science for many years, and like many industries, sensory science has expanded in unexpected and surprising ways. Yet, through it all, the foundation of quality sensory research remains the same:

We combine these foundational tenets with personalized attention and superior client service
to deliver meaningful research and actionable solutions.


Our clients include national and international manufacturers and providers in the food, beverage, personal care and household care industries. Please contact us for a client recommendation.


The Institute for Sensory Research (ISR) is one of the most experienced sensory research organizations in the country.  It is directed by Avishan Amanat, a 20+ year veteran of sensory sciences with a strong background in consumer packaged goods, and is owned by Reckner, a U.S.-based market research leader providing healthcare fieldwork, facilities and market research services for more than 25 years.

ISR also partners with its sister company, Blueberry, a full-service market research firm specializing in consumer sensory and marketing research for the product pipeline.  ISR and Blueberry often collaborate to bridge the gap between the consumer and sensory landscapes.

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